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taaroko [userpic]
Chapter III-Chapter V
by taaroko (taaroko)
at January 7th, 2011 (07:33 am)

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 Wow, this is a very late post. But anyway, here we go.

Unfortunately, I didn't notice any hobbitisms in these chapters, although I was somewhat aggrieved to learn of their strong preference for mushrooms, which I loathe. 

However! We did get two particularly excellent quotes, the former of which I knew but didn't remember came from Lord of the Rings and the latter of which I had completely forgotten about:

"Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger."


"Go not to the Elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes."

I found the second one particularly delightful. It's so true.

Chapter III: Three Is Company

The journey begins! Even though I've read this part twice before and seen the movies many more times than that, I was still very worried for Frodo, Sam, and Pippin when the Black Riders started popping up. That was scary, and such a near miss! *shudder* I was also struck by how different Pippin's introduction to the journey was, because the movies are fresher on my mind. Frodo and Sam set off with him from the start, rather than running into him and Merry by chance as they tried to escape the wrath (and hounds) of Farmer Maggot. I like that the other two's participation in the adventure began more deliberately than in the movie. They still might not have known exactly what they were getting into, but they had some idea, and they had planned to go with Frodo from the start in spite of the danger and uncertainty.

That one little passage where a fox stopped by the sleeping hobbits to sniff at them and marvel how odd it was to encounter three of them sleeping under a tree was so awesome. Now, the Elves were rather more aloof than I remembered--not that I remembered this encounter with them at all. So far, they're giving me no reasons to change my mind and prefer them instead of hobbits. The way Frodo talks to them while the other two fall asleep (or pretend to) helps to illustrate how much more mature he is than they are. The movies didn't really do anything to indicate that he's actually a bit older than his fellow hobbit companions.

Chapter IV: A Shortcut to Mushrooms

This chapter was even scarier! Goodness! I was suspicious of Maggot right up until he offered to drive them the rest of the way to the ferry, but then he won my trust (though not necessarily Sam's--his mistrust of him was rather amusingly endearing), and I became convinced that he was going to die while helping them. (This is all your fault, Joss Whedon.) And then the figure they met in the fog turned out to just be Merry! Phew. I was so sure that he was one of the Black Riders that I even read his first line in a Nazgul voice, but then I got a bit further and realized who it really was. My brother and I laughed, and I reread the line. (Okay, seriously, mushrooms? They can't prefer...I don't know, carrots or potatoes or something? This is gonna bug me more than it should.) I love how it turned out that Frodo was the notorious mushroom thief, rather than Merry and Pippin. It's good to know he had a bit of mischief in his younger years.

Chapter V: A Conspiracy Unmasked

Hobbits really are wonderful creatures. I had to stop reading a bit to just admire how loyal and brave they are. It probably shouldn't have come as such a surprise, but they did hide their conspiracy well, after all. I love that Merry found out about the Ring through observation and clever deduction. He really doesn't get enough credit in the movies. In fact, none of the hobbits come across as being nearly as clever and wise as they were written, except perhaps Sam. When they told him all about the plans they had been working on for months, so that they'd all be able to leave together the night after they reached Crickhollow, was so touching. Frodo's exclamation of gratitude for knowing such excellent hobbits actually made me teary. And we have a fifth hobbit friend! Fredegar Bolger. Now I'm terrified he'll die after they leave. Staying behind and pretending to be Frodo will be extremely dangerous. :(

And they certainly do love to sing. I wasn't in a whimsical enough mood when I was reading it to my brother to try making tunes for all the songs, but they were still really fun. They have a bath song! Hah! That just cracks me up. I was disappointed back in the prologue to find that hobbit holes seemed to be a somewhat antiquated type of dwelling, and that regular houses were becoming more common. But this chapter put me at ease there, because those "regular" houses are pretty much artificial hills with hobbit holes in them.

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